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Published Story - Convenient Store Controversy
Published Story - Totally Trashed


Seven Eleven Stories -- everyone has one, it's all about how you tell it.

Seven Eleven Stories is a literary website for stories taking some influence from convenience stores, or convenience store related experiences. We pose this simple challenge for authors: WRITE STORIES WITH THE MENTION OF SEVEN ELEVEN SOMEHOW IN THE TEXT, THEN SUBMIT. Flash fiction (up to around 1000 words) is what we're looking for initially, but any story format will be considered.

The Seven Eleven Story aesthetic will become clearer as we put our first collection of online stories together in the coming weeks. After this, it is likely the formula will get looser, but for now, show us your craft through the perspectives of consumers, employees, homeless people begging outside, criminals sneaking around the bushes, or God looking down and wondering what in the world is going on here; we want to see what you can do with a 7/11 theme.

(Please note that there may be submissions considered from sources other than writerscafe in this contest, which is essentially a call for submissions).


Publication online. Top pick will have a page of its own, "Featured Story."


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