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Shock Me!!  February 11, 2009 - February 26, 2009

Contest Completed


1st place - Last Chance with Ally
2nd place - Choices
3rd place - In the silence
4th place - Don\\\'t Cry Uncle
5th place - Hit the Black
6th place - I Am No One
7th place - In The Shadows
Honarable mention - Succubus
Honarable mention - Come Closer


Shock Me!!!! Make my stomach turn upside down, make me gasp for breath make me scream!!! Give me any kind of writing just as long as it SHOCKS ME! I will read all writing and I will choose fair. All you need to do is Shock Me! But I don't want anything rude!


Knowing that I no longer have a stomach because of you!


Leah C
Leah C
Hanover, NH


11 Contestants
22 Submissions
Created Feb 12, 2009