Shock me.  June 20, 2007 - July 20, 2007

Reading and Deliberating


I want you to shock me.

You can do it however you want. Submit whatever you want, no restrictions. I will give you some tips, however, as it does seem a little unfair to force you to try to figure out how to shock someone you've never met. Remember, this is just tips to help you, not rules; if you think you're fly enough to do it your own way, I hope you do break them, and I hope it works.

- Gore doesn't disturb me much. I've seen some pretty awful things in my time on the internet, so you're gonna have to do it just right.
- Juxtapose. Sudden shifts in style, a person who goes from calm to brutal, or the disruption of a beautiful scene with radical hatred are all good tactics.
- The more psychological, the better. Get inside humanity's head. Confront me with something ugly about myself.
- Poetry can be very effective, because you can break your language to be disjointed and disturbing like the thoughts of a schizophrenic.

Finally, I bet you anything the one that takes this thing home won't be horror. Often the most disturbing thing is to have the shock come in a genre that's not supposed to have it.

You get two shots at this.


My respect?


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False Idles
False Idles
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