Short FIlm Screenplay  March 30, 2016 - April 30, 2016

Contest Completed


Best Screenplay - [writing deleted]
Runner- Up for Best Screenplay - [writing deleted]
Outstanding Entry - [writing deleted]


Looking for a screenplay for a 10-15 minute film. Prompt: The world's land is divided into separate sections based on religion (ex. Christians live with Christians, Muslims with Muslims) with walls as barriers. These sections never cross, so basically if you are Jewish you will never meet an Athiest and so forth. Tell me a story based on that. Tip try to keep the story simple, it's easy to overcomplicate short stories. Also remember short stories can start in the biggining, middle, or end of a larger plot line.


A chance to see your screenplay become a film, will get writer credit. Possible entry into national film festival.


Leah Gaydos
Leah Gaydos
Emmaus, PA


Created Mar 30, 2016