Short Stories (250 words)  March 21, 2016 - June 21, 2016

Contest Completed


Awe Inspiring - How To Say Goodbye
Flabbergasting - Making Peace
Invigorating - [writing deleted]
Astonishing - I Lost My Rubber Bracelet...
Captivating - In the Flicker of an Eye
Astounding - Metamorphosis


I am looking for some TRULY moving pieces of work in as much or less than 250 words. I suggest putting them into a word counter because they will be disqualified if they exceed the limit by more than a small amount.

Quality is key! Move my emotions, tear at my heart, inspire me, make me smile or cry, laugh or scream! Just evoke some form of emotion into me. Even curiosity. You will know if you have moved me because, not only will I give you a place in the contest, but I will friend you and review your writing regularly.




Obscured by the Shadows
Obscured by the Shadows
Flagstaff, AZ


28 Contestants
38 Submissions
Created Mar 21, 2016

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