Short Stories and Poems - Sky  August 15, 2012 - October 15, 2012

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Favourite - skies
Excellent - Star-Struck Symphony
Really Good - Neptitus
Acknowladgement - Tiny heart beater
Acknowledgement - [writing deleted]


I like stars. And clouds. And the shade of the sky in the evening. I want to know how these appear to you. Tell me about the sky from your point of view. Do you like it when it's angry and fierce, or does inspiration come to you when the sun is out.

Give me a short (note the 'short') story or a poem about the sky. It doesn't have to be completely about the sky. It could be about the birds that fly in the sky, or clouds, or a lovers outline framed by the sky. As long as the sky has something to do with it. :)


Knowing that the sky isn't the limit because there are foot prints on the moon.



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