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Short Stories  August 12, 2017 - August 19, 2017

Contest Completed


Winner - The Looking Boy
Runner up - The Queen of Avalon
Honorable mention - [writing deleted]
Finalist - The Cellar
Finalist - Challenges
Finalist - In The Depths Of A Dark Forest...


Submit your best short story!

I will select five finalists to judge more in-depth at the first deadline. The rest will not be scored.

Each finalist will be judged out of 100 points. The points are broken into the following rubric:

Theme or meaning: 50pts
Setting or background: 25pts
Progression of story: 15pts
Grammar or word choice: 10pts


Elliot B.
Elliot B.
Lasalle, IL


31 Contestants
32 Submissions
Created Aug 12, 2017