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Living in Italy Living in Italy
Ever dreamt about moving to Italy? Think again! Read the hilarious adventures of two Dutchmen who took the plunge.

Short Story -- Fantasy Adventure  July 27, 2015 - September 29, 2015

Contest Completed


Best Adventure - Haley's Sanctuary
Best Story Line - Prove me wrong...
Perfect Grammar - Tails
Honorable Mention - The True Story of "The Three Billy Goats Gruff"
Honorable Mention - The Lighthouse


Best Fantasy Adventure please :3

Minimum words: 300
Maximum words: 3000
Must contain a problem that must be solved in the end such as "The village's water supply is running out and the nearest lake of fresh water is 50 miles and they have to walk on foot."
Must contain 2 characters!


Reviews for the honorable mentions.



9 Contestants
15 Submissions
Created Jul 27, 2015