Short Story Contest: general fiction   August 19, 2015 - October 19, 2015

Contest Completed


Winner - [writing deleted]
Winner - A Captains Introduction
Winner - VOID
Winner - [writing deleted]
Winner - Nature
Winner - Maybe I Will Laugh, Too [A DANA MONROE NOTE]


Dear all,

I have a challenge for you, my fellow writers: Submit your edited short story and get published in a unique and exclusive one-time-only, free e-magazine. The submitting author will allow the e-magazine to be spread online, but will retain the ownership and rights of his or her writing.

Submission guidelines:
- no erotica, poetry, fantasy, horror or other genre fiction. General fiction only
- no chapters, only standalone short stories
- 1 story entry per person
- a maximum of 2000 words
- no fixed theme, write about whatever you want
- make sure you have carefully (self) edited your writing
- if I spot a tiny spelling error in a winning story, you will allow me to correct it myself before publication
- you will not get paid for your published entry (since I will not get paid for publishing either)
- if there are not enough quality submissions, I will choose less than 6 winners and publish only their stories in the e-magazine.

Submitting means you agree with the above. Not admitting to these guidelines will lead to disqualification.

I will be judge and executioner for this contest and will not give detailed feedback on the submissions. Best 6 stories will be published in random order. The authors of the winning stories might be asked to actively help spreading the e-magazine in their social networks.



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Publication in an e-magazine (expected to be published/spread online in december 2015).



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