Short Story Contest  December 24, 2011 - February 1, 2012

Contest Completed


First - Thinking of You
Second - Still Alive
Third - ~Gone~
Fourth - A Silent Heart.
Fifth - Here To Stay


This contest is going to be the start of a collection of short stories I want to create. Of course I will give credit where credit is due. I am hoping to get enough short stories to create a book. The winner will receive a copy of the final product along with a surprise gift. The runner ups will all receive the final copy of the book as well. I'm not for sure if this will get published or even read, but I have high hopes and would like other peoples writing in it as well as some of my own and some outsiders. There will be 5 stories picked from this contest. Also each story needs to be at least 3 pages long, but no longer than 15. If you win I will need your full name and I will also need to know if you want a electronic or hard copy of the book. Finally would prefer the stories to be teen appropriate. It doesn't matter what you write about as long as it falls under a teen rating. Have fun :3


A copy of the final book, and a special prize for the winner.




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Created Dec 24, 2011