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Hey guys! I have added a story of about 278 words. You need to complete it and give it a title. It should NOT exceed 800 words. The best entry will be chosen on the basis of the type of language, vocabulary, if the story makes any sense, descriptions, and a moral or a twist in the tale will also make ur chances of winning higher. Good luck.

Here's the story:
Margaret looked, unblinkingly, at her friend- Gertrude, her hazel eyes reflecting her stark acrimony. The tousled brunette locks that were clung to her scalps were like curtains falling over her hue hurt eyes. She moved her swollen lips, drawing up the strength to utter a malediction but shut it once more after thinking better about it.

Gertrude on the other hand, looked fiendish. Her translucent and cool blue eyes seemed red with the overpowering rage that had engulfed her. She tightened her fists into a ball, and gritted her teeth. Such barbaric expressions seemed unnatural to her sweet face.

“Cut!” The director’s hoarse voice rang over the speakers. “Can’t you guys give me something more real? Something which would really make people pity Margaret?”

“Sebastian... What we’re giving you is real. It’s our actual emotions, my actual tears...” Gertrude rubbed at the few beads of sweat which had made it to the surface of her skin, and continued. Her voice was more phlegmatic than could be expected from a person in her shoes. “You’re not even paying us to go through the torture you’re putting us through, what you get ought to be good enough for you. Besides, look at Margaret... how can you stand by shooting a movie by actually hurting real humans. You disgust me.” She said with execration plain on her lips.




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