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Okay what I'm going to be looking for is a 'short' story that is 500 words or LESS. If there is more than 500 words don't bother. What I want to see is how skillfully you can hook the reader with such a short amount of word play. Can you still bring across the plot idea? Does it make sense? Was it thought out well? Is the dialogue well done? And most of all, your general creativity, I mean anyone can write a story that is huge and fit in what's important, but are you able to cut to the core of a story without the fat? I can't wait to read them, I will leave each person a well thought out review of what I saw. If you put in the time, so will I! Limit will be 2, and POETRY DOES NOT COUNT, so please don't enter it. There isn't a huge amount of time, but it's not like your writing a book. Good Luck All!


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