Short but not sweet!  August 20, 2008 - August 25, 2008

Contest Completed


Winner - Lonely without you...
Winner - [writing deleted]
Winner - Eternal Falling
Excellent work - Moon\'s Advantage
Excellent work - BLooD MooN
Excellent work - self-portrait
Good write - You are still the one...
Good write - Seven Months of Lies
Good write - Misery
That was nice! - behave
Honorable mention - i hear that they killed me.
Honorable mention - Lady
Honorable mention - What You Don't Know.....
Honorable mention - Incapable
Honorable mention - give \'em the boot


Okay my fellow writers, In this contest I only welcome poems (that could be of any genre) But the take is that it should be short (i.e of 10 lines or less)
Haikus are also allowed and yeah! one more thing it should be sad, I don't wanna read any romantic one. That makes me off!


$0.00, A medal and self satisfaction ^-^


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