Short. Powerful. Emotional. ~ Captured in a few poetic lines.  November 15, 2011 - November 30, 2011

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First ~ Your sorrow weighs me down. - Lollie's Ballad
Second ~ I let a few tears slide down my cheek unknowingly. - [writing deleted]
Third ~ It made me sad for a while. - [writing deleted]


Ever felt your heart wrench at a situation? No matter how hard you tried, a few tears managed to squeeze out of your eyes? Maybe you felt guilt, or sorrow, or loss. Or betrayal or anger. Something that made you weep or ignited a fiery rage that still has not diminished.

Write about it!

I'm looking for short, simple poems (the shorter, the better) that carry emotions I can feel after reading it over just once. It should be something that has a great impact on the reader...something that I will remember 20 years from now and still shed a few tears.

Also, keep in mind that it should be thoroughly appropriate and not, in any way, offensive to any one person or group of people. Aim for a teenage audience.

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AGAIN ~ for those of you who are sending poems that contain "mature" content, please keep in mind that I will not read them and they will, unfortunately, not be considered for the contest. Thank you.


The satisfaction of knowing that your writing is appreciated ^_^


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Ami N.


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