Shortest Time Span!  November 22, 2008 - November 23, 2008

Contest Completed


Winner, best fast writer - ~ A ~ Good ~ Lie ~
Runner up, fast thinker - Seasons of my Heart
Runner up, fast thinker - Comfortably Cool


I want to know what you can come up with in the shortest time span possible, that is why this contest will only be open for submission for one day. The rules are simple, I want anything you can write in the shortest possible time, I cant reinforce the time as I don't know how long it took you to write it but I think to be fair, the max time should be 1 hour after reading this contest if you want to enter... Time is ticking, get to it


Just the feeling you get from knowing you managed to write a better piece then others in within one hour



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Created Nov 20, 2008