Show, Don't Tell: $25 Prize and Bragging Rights   May 12, 2015 - June 1, 2015

Contest Completed


Show Master - DESERT SONG
Show Master Runner Up - No Longer A Unicorn
Show Master Honorable Mention - A Good Year


This is the challenge: In 1,500 words or less, can you create a unique story/scene with character that MOVES the reader to feeling?

There's an old saying with writing. "Show, don't tell." It means that you should allow your reader to see the action, the characters, without the need of unnecessary exposition.

You will be judged on your use of metaphor, dialogue, and imagination. Can you make the reader laugh, cry, or sweat with fear?

In 1,500 words or less, you should measure every word and sentence against the following standards: Does this line reveal the central conflict of values? Does this line take me closer to my resolution? Is the meaning intentional and clear? Does it reveal character? If it does not, cut it out.

Please read my posts on Advice for Writers before submitting. Comment or mail with any questions. Results will be announced by mid June at the latest when all submissions have been read and evaluated.




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