Show Me What You Got!!  October 23, 2011 - December 13, 2011

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Condragulations i died reading something good and started a new life readin something good - Friends
I exploded with Emotion - Why does love hurt?
Hey you are Pretty good - My Beloved
I wish to read from you again - Lonely road...
I wish to read from you again - We Can't Be Friends
I wish to read from you again - An Easier Form of Suicide
I wish to read from you again - Will you hate me?


This contest is for fun i wanna see how good of writers poets and everthing else you guys are. So show me what you got make me luagh, confused, cry, angry any type if emotion show the best thing you have written!! Hit me with all you got!!!!! Remember even if you dont win doesnt mean your not good. I think your amazing so keep writing! WELL HELLO MY CONTESTANTS I AM SORRY FOR THE LONG WAIT AND NOW I AM GOINGNTO GIVE SOME MORE DISAPPOINTING NEWS. You all may have to wait a little bit longer so many of you are amaing writers so it really hard to choose i will lso chang the reward to 3 months of braggin rights. Once again sorry and hopefully you will have the winners some time this month!:)!


You have bragging rights for 3 months


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The Unknown Rose
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