Show me pain.  February 6, 2010 - February 10, 2010

Contest Completed


Best tale of pain. - Bottle of Rain
2nd best pain story. - Three Little Words
3rd best pain story. - You Are Not Found!
4th best pain story. - [writing deleted]
Best torture scene. - Sully Turner
Honorable mention. - The Free Man; a fable of folly


Make your characters burn alive inside. I want tragedy, agony, pain and suffering. Doesn't matter how or what kind. Doesn't matter how gruesome it is. Rape, murder, torture, it's all good. I would prefer short stories, but poetry is acceptable. Entire books will probably not win unless they're very good. Limit of three entries per person.

EDIT: I can't handle the volume of submissions, so I've had to decrease the end date. I've burned through most of the submissions so far. I'd like to say that there's a lot of good work. I have 20 "finalists" that I must narrow down to six final winners.


Recognition for your work.



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