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Show me the determination.   August 31, 2011 - September 4, 2011

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You're an Inspiration. - Stalker
Best Writer. - Selfless
Stunning Poem. - broken strings of her life..
Creative Mind. - For a bella donna
Well thought out. - Be The Coyote
Impressive. - Magnum Opus
Keeping your dreams alive. - [writing deleted]
A Great write. - Masquerade
Magnificent Poem. - Anthem (The Youth of the Nation)
Honorable Mention. - September 11th


You can interpret the word 'determination' in any way you please. Just keep to the guidelines:
- Has to be a poem.
- (: It can be as long or as short as you want it, your choice.
- You can enter up to 5 worthy poems ;)
- Good Grammar will score more points.
- Think outside the box.
Good luck.


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