Show me your shorts.  February 4, 2008 - March 23, 2008

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Great Short - [writing deleted]


I am assembling a journal of short stories. I need good short stories to include. Since this is a fledgling endeavor, I cannot afford to give a ton of free copies. I don't even know if I will find enough quality stories to fill the journal. So here is the deal. IF I find enough quality shorts and the journal becomes a reality, I will award inclusion in the journal and one free copy to the first place winner. Runners up will be included in the journal, but not a free copy. This will not be one of those anthologies where every story is wonderful and will be included, and copies of the anthology are available for some enormous "bargain price". This journal will cost enough to cover expenses and no more and I will only produce it if I get enough quality stories. While copies will be available for purchase, I don't care if anyone buys a copy. I'm doing this for the experience of putting a journal together. So send your best stories and we shall see how much quality writing lives here. Be good or be gone!

Some things to consider:

Spelling, grammar ... they count! Do not send me something that looks like it was written by a Cro Magnon and expect me to ignore the literary carnage.

Grab my attention fast. If I lose interest, it's not an engaging story.

Tell me a story that ends up somewhere. Short stories are like cars. No matter how many fancy options it has, the actual story is the engine and drivetrain of the writing, without a solid story, it isn't worth much.

If you know someone with a good story, ask them to enter. I really want good stuff.

Here are some examples of good writing. You will see that there ARE some grammatic faux pas but the quality of the story overwhelms them. Read these and know the type of quality I'm looking for:

A Story by Howie { Currently Remixing }

A Story by Shawn Drake


One free copy of the completed Journal (Assuming I get enough quality stories to complete the journal.)


Creepy Swine Guy
Creepy Swine Guy
Central, NY


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