Silly Rhymes 2!  April 23, 2008 - July 1, 2008

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Hysterical! - Snowy Misery
Hillarious! - Pretty for Prom
HaHaHaHa! - This Silly Pen
Funny! - [writing deleted]
HaHa! - [writing deleted]


Here we go again! We are Back with those all to famous Silly Rhymes! If this is your first time entering or you don't remember the details from the last one here they are again....

Rhyme Me Story So Sublime
That I laugh for such a long time
My stomache hurts and my ribs ache
And No more do I think I can take

Rhyme Me a story so cute and sweet
The author I'd wish that I could meet
To shake there hand and simply say
You made me a perfect day

But RHYME me a story or I'll be sad
And blame you for the day thats so bad
And I may be Weary and count you out
And wether you could win you'll never find out!

Just some clerifications for this round... please tell a STORY with your rhymes... Please make sure to RHYME not just the occasional rhyming word thrown in and !!!!please please please!!!!! nothing rated over teen... Other than that HAVE A BLAST! Write what you want and have FUN with it it is the "SILLY" rhymes contest after all!

Good Luck!


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Frances L. Phillips
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