Sing a song  January 6, 2010 - January 15, 2010

Contest Completed


Lyrical Master - roses
Lyrical wonder - Hey Baby
Future Lyric master - I\'m on a Goat


Write a poem that is based on a song. Any song any kind.

let me know which song it is.(name the song in the description) You can use lyrics from the song.. or just write a poem, based off of a song :)


The pride of a Job well done, and I will review some of your works for you :D


Latsyrk llorrac
Latsyrk llorrac
The -Real- Jersey Shore, NJ


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Created Jan 7, 2010

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Sir Thomas Fein
Sir Thomas Fein
A wealthy Englishman moves into a home on a secluded island. He begins being tormented by spirits, or is it his mind?