Sing me a Poem~  August 6, 2012 - September 30, 2012

Contest Completed


Alright guys, this is the second contest I make. Some people seem to be confused, this is a POETRY CONTEST.

This contest has to do with songs but it's a poetry contest.

I want you to take maximum 5 lines out of a song you know, and create a POEM out of it.

You can put these lines anywhere in the poem. Just please **UNDERLINE, BOLD, OR ITALICIZE**
the lines you used from the song and specify at the
of the poem, the **TITLE OF THE SONG** and the **BAND/SINGER** it's from.

If a poem is entered in the contest and does not follow these rules, they will be rejected, so please let me know at the END of the poem the following information:

-lines used from song either BOLDED, UNDERLINED or ITALICIZED


Montreal, Canada


11 Contestants
17 Submissions
Created Aug 6, 2012