Six adjectives, six nouns  May 5, 2007 - May 13, 2007

Contest Completed


Marvelous Talespinner - [writing deleted]
Proud Bard - [writing deleted]
Solid Citizen - [writing deleted]


Very simple...I'm providing the title. First word is one of these six adjectives: brotherly, cleft, crosseyed, hideous, peaked, tumbledown. The last word of the title is one of these six nouns: buckeye, endpoint, inanity, otter, snooze, vendetta. THE TITLE MUST BE TWO WORDS AND TWO WORDS ONLY. For example, "Brotherly Otter" is an acceptable title for your poem (and good luck with that one!); "The Crosseyed Dog Took A Snooze" is a one-way trip to Dumpster City. Everyone on board now? My crack staff of interns will select three finalists for open voting by the masses.

(Please entry came in before I made it clear that the title of the poem needed to be two words only, so that entry gets a Get Out Of Jail Free card for the contest.)


$0..., but think how much per credit this costs at the community college.


Parts Unknown. Our high school wrestling teams were unbeaten for decades.


Created May 5, 2007