Sleeping White  September 1, 2008 - September 30, 2008

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First Place - Beauty in Repose
Second Place - Rapunzel\'s Escape
Third Place - Bippity Boppity Boom


Rewrite a fairy tale from your childhood. Instead of our Disney memories, let's rewrite these tales with a PG-13 rating shall we? Most fairytales were pretty graphic, violent and intense anyway, like those in the Brother's Grimm Fairytales. They were changed over the years to help us dream sweet dreams. So, pick one of the following tales, or one of your own choosing, and tell me how the story SHOULD have been told.

If you choose one of your own fairy tales, like one that is foreign or not so popular, give a brief description of it in your submission so we all know what you are reworking. Remember, GIVE CREDIT TO THE ORIGINAL AUTHOR or I won't even read your submission. I know most are popular but you are REWRITING something, so it is not all your original work.

Write a short story (no more than 5,000) or poem, any style is welcome. I am all for passion and intimacy and the expression of it. Just please, keep it somewhat tame. I don't want to read about people 'servicing' other people. Basically, anything remotely resembling porn will be disreagarded. So, sex scenes are fine, just don't be too explicit.

Ok, here are your choices and remember you can choose something else:

Snow White
Sleeping Beauty
Beauty and the Beast
The Little Mermaid
The Snow Queen
...Or whatever else you choose

I will base judging on imagery, relevance to the original fairy tale, originality and creativity of your own spin of it, imagery and emotion. Don't worry too much about grammar. Although it is always good, I'm looking at your story or poem, not where your punctuation marks are. lol.

Winners will be announced on October 10th 2008
The contest begins September 1st 2008
The contest ends September 30th 2008

Thanks and have fun!


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