Slogan Contest and Logo Contest for T-Shirts, etc  June 21, 2007 - August 21, 2007

Contest Completed


Groovy - [writing deleted]
Cool - [writing deleted]
Awesome - [writing deleted]
Check it out! - [writing deleted]
Slick - [writing deleted]
Ojis! - [writing deleted]
Ah, Right! - [writing deleted]
Good one, man - [writing deleted]
Mmmmm! - [writing deleted]


Design a T-Shirt with a slogan and a logo, or without a logo. Winner will be used on CafePress, with credits to author, a link to their website, etc on the shirt.

Shirts to be sold at cost price from CafePress. Suitable slogans to be used on Stickers, Magnets, etc.

You get exposue for your creativity.
We get wxposure for the Cartyweb brand.

(All shirts to be branded with and the Spider Logo.)

Participation means agreeing to these terms.
All slogans remain copyright of the author.


$0.00, Exposure!!!


Tomás Ó Cárthaigh
Tomás Ó Cárthaigh
Renmore, Galway, Ireland, An Roinne Mór, Gallaimh, Eire, Ireland


Created Jun 22, 2007