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So You Think You Can Funny  January 4, 2017 - January 18, 2017

Contest Completed


Winner winner chicken dinner! - A Male's Adventures In Shopping
Close but no cigar - Oh, Baby!
This ain't horeshoes - The Magik Only An Apprenticeship Can Bring
Most forgetable position - On climbing Jack's beanstalk, she knew!
Congrats you made he podium. (Barely) - The Fridge.


Give me something amusing, something I can laugh at. I don't care if it is a story, poem, or otherwise. All I want is to read something funny regardless of length, rating, or topic. The winner will be selected based solely on my personal amusement. I will leave a review for every submission although I don't promise to read the entire piece if the writing does not amuse/ interest me. Only 1 entry per person so give me your best!


Brownie Points and maybe a share on Instagram if it is good.


Author Gus
Author Gus
Aldrich, MO


13 Contestants
13 Submissions
Created Jan 5, 2017