Something Different Contest  August 20, 2013 - September 10, 2013

Contest Completed


1st Place - Washed Away
2nd Place - 'Strange Tales'


This is going to be a bit different than my usual contests. Just follow these simple rules:

1. Go to and do a random search. This may take a few searches to find something you can dip your pen into.

2. Copy the URL of the page you use and post it either at the beginning of your writing or the end.

3. Write a poem, story, journal entry, or whatever you like (please no books!) about the page that you got from

4. Please keep this 18 & under age appropriate so that everyone can participate.

5. If a Wikipedia URL does not accompany your writing, it will be disqualified. I will be checking out the page you found.

Good Luck & Have Fun!


Ravyne Hawke
Ravyne Hawke
Somewhere, VA


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Created Aug 21, 2013