Something Wicked This Way Comes...  June 1, 2008 - July 1, 2008

Contest Completed


First Prize - King/ Queen of Gothic Writing - With the Eyes of a SiNNeR
Second Prize - My Simple Suicide
Third Prize - When Happiness Kills You
Fourth Prize - [writing deleted]
Highly commended - LEDA AND HER DEMON LOVER


Give me your dark poems and short stories- ONLY poems and short stories please!
Think Gothic, think disturbed... make my skin crawl with every last word...
I'm a dark person, but I'm a believer in psychological thrillers instead of just blatant gore and blood lust. If you write gore make sure it means something!
In other words, I prefer Silence of the Lambs or Sixth Sense in comparison to Saw and other slasher movies alike.
There's a thin line between Gothic literature and Horror stories. Give me the first- not the latter :)
YOU HAVE A MONTH! wow me... :D


The title of QUEEN/ KING of Gothic Writing :)


The Dark Passenger
The Dark Passenger
Hamilton, New Zealand


49 Contestants
110 Submissions
Created Jun 1, 2008

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