Sonneteers Lend Me Thy Tears  February 21, 2011 - March 18, 2011

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Shakespeare Loves You Award - Severence
First Bard Award - [writing deleted]
2 nd Bard Award - Shakespearean Sonnet: Ophelia
Should I compare thee to a summer's day Award - My Mourning Star
Golden Sonnet Award - Shall I Repent?
How Do I love thee Award - [writing deleted]
3rd Bard Award - I Am Winter
4 th Bard Award - For love she did defend
Shackles 'pon my weary heart Award - Seems I Am Lost To The Icon Of The Past. Broken!
'O what darkness my soul doth own - [writing deleted]


Ok , what I'll be asking for in this contest is Sonnets only~ Preferably about sadness, grief, or painful heartbreak,love gone bad,or perhaps tears of joy and love sublime~ anything of that nature which may cause tears to form~ and Form used must be a Sonnet ,any type Pushkin, Italian, shakespearian, spencerian etc... will be accepted as long as it has 14 lines~ although I prefer Iambic pentameter it is not a requirement in this paticular contest~So send in your entries up to 2 per poet~ and give me some tear stained poetry~Fran Marie




  Fran Marie
Fran Marie
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