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Speak Erotica To Me  February 10, 2011 - February 24, 2011

Contest Completed


Spoken as the Erotic Champion! - #1 Erotic Poet - First meeting
Delivered with an Erotic Flare! - 2nd Place - [writing deleted]
Whispered with an Erotic Touch - Runner Up - Seducing Mr. Black


Erotica - explicitly sexual literature or art.
Erotic - arousing or satisfying sexual desire: subject to or marked by strong sexual desires.

These two definitions are from the dictionary and clearly outline what this contest is about.

Not looking for love poems, not looking for sensual poetry...

In this contest write out an erotic scene between two lovers and display the following:

1. High sexuality
2. Erotic Flare
3. a build up to the ending
4. and make it ART not porn!

When reviewing the entries, I will first see if the poem is erotic then we will see who has the best art in their erotic pen!


$0.0, Badges


South of Sub Space Lost in the Cosmos of Life, TN


19 Contestants
38 Submissions
Created Feb 10, 2011