Speak Out  January 30, 2012 - February 7, 2012

Contest Completed


First Place - The Measure Of A Man
Second Place - Urban Warfare
Third Place - Fun fact
Fourth Place - Sometimes I feel
Fifth Place - The Freak\'s Manifesto
Sixth Place - Me and Jesse Jackson At The Poetry Slam
Seventh Place - Abstract Eulogy
Eighth Place - Tomorrow Today
Ninth - Not What it Seems


So who loves slam poetry? I do, I do! :)

So this is a contest for slam or spoken word poetry. I'm not picky at all on what it's about, I just have a big interest in it and I'd love to see what you've got.
If you don't know for sure what slam or spoken word poetry is, please look it up first before entering just any poem you have written. To help a little, I'm going to post a link to one of my favorites. I don't own the video or any rights to it, I'm simply sharing for an example only.




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