Speak Your Mind 3!!!!!  November 10, 2007 - May 10, 2008

Contest Completed


Winner - Fall From Grace
1st Place - The Truth About Hate
2nd Place - Spoils
3rd Place - If I Had A Gun
4th Place - The Manipulation Of Information
5th Place - Me, The Idiot
6th Place - Society
7th Place - My West Coast Chick
8th Place - Wicked Government
Honorable Mention - Looking GOOD!
Honorable Mention - Invitation Cards
Honorable Mention - controversy


Ok peoples!!!! we are doing this again I know that everyone has written something new this time around and waiting for it to be heard....so this is part 3 same rules anything goes (please don't submit the same ones from the last contest) but just incase your new to this here are the rules from the last contest:

You can write about anything you want to an ex, your husband/wife, the trash on the streat, politics, how many times you dog took a s**t!!! lol. be funny, creative and random as you want to be. let your imagination go wild anything goes...anything!!!!! No stories just poetry you got time so take your time make it good!!


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