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Speak Your Mind... 2  February 24, 2011 - April 3, 2011

Contest Completed


Activist Leader - 1st Place - [writing deleted]
Activist with Heart - 2nd Place - us
Demonstrater - 3rd Place - The Free Speaking Monologues


I was reminded tonight by a friend in another country that people no longer stand up and speak their minds on issues that affect them. We use to be a nation that would protest, demonstrate, stand up and speak our minds without fear.

In this contest I want to return to those glory days of Freedom of Speech!

Submit a poem where you are speaking out against something or for something. It can be on any topic like Government, economy, religion, what ever gets your heart pumping enough to Stand Up and Speak Your Mind!!

This contest will be voted on as it is for the people and by the people so the people will pick the winners!


$0.00, more of those shinny badges, gotta love em.


South of Sub Space Lost in the Cosmos of Life, TN


27 Contestants
43 Submissions
Created Feb 25, 2011