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Spirit Animal Guides  January 20, 2011 - January 31, 2011

Contest Completed


Spirit Guide - White Mouse Looks Back
Totem Animal - Haunted Fox
Animal Teacher - Yaz
Awe Inspiring - Gift of the Hart
Most Reviewed - [writing deleted]


Poetry about spirit guides or totem animals.

What animal guides your life? What living thing shows you a better way to live?

This subject came up on another website and I decided it would make a great subject for a contest.


I will read and review submitted poetry.


Desert Dreamer
Desert Dreamer
Sonoran Desert, AZ


10 Contestants
10 Submissions
Created Jan 20, 2011

Devils Gambol
Why am I drown to her? I could lose everything. I don't know her. She's deadly. Zeus won't be happy...
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