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I am hoping to start a small monthly newsletter with tips and information on writing. I am hoping/aiming to get the first one finished by October and would love to include a "Feature Author" section, where each month, there are two featured authors with a bit of info, a place to check out further writing and a small snippet of your writing included.

So, I'm looking for some writing to be included in the first issue. This can be anything, but try and keep it quite short as I don't have a lot of space (150 words max - I can take excerpts if it's longer).

I will read through all entries and choose the two I think should be featured. If you win, it's completely up to you how much info about yourself you share. What is required is your pen name and a link to further writing. Anything else is not required. It's the writing we're looking at :)

I hope this appeals to some of you and I look forward to reading your stories.


Featured in the very first issue and also a copy :)


Featured in the first issue of my newsletter Featured in the first issue of my newsletter
Featured in the first letter of my newsletter Featured in the first letter of my newsletter




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