Stories about Royalty  August 21, 2013 - September 13, 2013

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Gold medallion - [writing deleted]
Silver medallion - [writing deleted]
Copper medallion - The Ghast of Sir Vargas
Honorable mention - The Princess and the King
Honorable mention - The Golden Castle
Honorable mention - Laughters Grey


Please send me stories in which the protagonist is royalty. It does not matter whether he or she was born into it, married into it, or became royalty, whether by conquering a king or queen, a parent doing so, or their country converted into a monarchy. I also do not object to someone who does not know he or she has royal blood until they find out the secret of their past.

Winners get awesome
points and a chance for others to see, read and review their work!

Anyone whose submissions crash judge's ancient computer because of embedded videos, big images or more than one or two small images may be disqualified.


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