Stories for the Bored  July 2, 2011 - July 7, 2011

Contest Completed


First~ - Spectrum of the Tides
Second~ - This Is Why I Don't Bring Friends Over
Third~ - Endlessly
Honorable Mention~ - Nightmare on Haifa Street
Honorable Mention~ - [writing deleted]
Honorable Mention~ - [writing deleted]


I cannot describe to you the lack of things I have to do. Well, I guess I have things I could do, but I don't want to do them ; )

Anyway, I'm bored. Amuse me please! I'll review everyone's stories, and if I really liked your writing I may even go through the rest of your stuff!

I don't even care about content. I'll take mature rated things. I just hope it is interesting enough to keep me focused throughout the whole thing~ That is really all I'm asking. But I really enjoy fantasy and humor. JUST SAYING. That really means nothing.

EDIT* If I've already reviewed your writing, try not to submit it please. Like, prior to this contest. Even if I thought it was beyond amazing. If you can't remember if I reviewed or not, don't worry about it. It just makes it easier on me, you know?


Friend Request from me~ Review(s)~


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