Story Starting Contest  April 8, 2009 - April 25, 2009

Contest Completed


Among the Free Award - IN SILENCE
Among the Enimies Award - DAY OF RECKONING
Among the Brave - [writing deleted]
Among the Barens Award - ♥ ►Without You◄ ♥
Among the Imposters Award - Your Final Breath


Write a story using the sentence which won Best of show in the contest Short and Sweet. You are not allowed to take ideas from the other members on this group, and it can be as long as you want. All entries will be promoted on this group. TY! =)

Here is the Sentence:

She had one night to speak up, but no one listened.


The one who wins the Among the Free prize will be promoted on the Shadow children group.


Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty
My city is of no consiquence...


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Created Apr 3, 2009

Heaven Is Accessible
Heaven Is Accessible
Wondering how to be closer to the Spirit? Have you questioned religion lately? Tired of the same routine in life?
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