WHAT AM I?: Nephilim WHAT AM I?: Nephilim
A teen boy gets killed, but trades his soul for another chance. He changes. A girl notices the new boy with silver eyes.

Storytelling Lyrics  June 29, 2016 - July 1, 2016

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Best story told the best way. - Burning Bridges
Great story could be told better. - The Encounter
Good one. - Legion\'s Legacy (Tales of the Damned)


I've been searching for contests in the 'Lyrics' category and I've noticed that there isn't a single one. So I've decided to organize one. I'd love to read stories from lyrics/poems.

1)Submissions must have a story content in it.
2)It can be of the form of a poetry or lyrics.
3)Each writer can submit one piece of writing
4)The writing should follow some rhythm.

The writings that do not follow the given rules will be discarded.


I'll share the best lyrics to my social media networks.


Aswin R Prasad
Aswin R Prasad
Payyanur, Kannur, India


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