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Being an avid writer looking to write absurdly, what others feel "unorthodox" or "unconventional"? In this contest I thought it'd be interesting for people to try something different in their writing style. When shopping for clothes, you try out different articles of clothing to see which one fits and still looks good, sometimes going through several pieces before finding the right one - why not the same with writing?

Stream-of-Consciousness writing (Trance Writing) is a method used by slowly editing out your "conscious" thoughts and simply writing from your subconscious; (Ginsberg wrote "First-Thought, Best Thought" and it's in this quote that this contest is based) as wild or carefree as the thoughts be may be, just simply write from the bottom of your mind without worrying about what you're writing, or if your grammar and syntax is incorrect.

Some helpful links:

( Original off-the-top writing is preferred, but if you have that 'one' piece that in your mind sticks out in such a ferocious and unlike-you style that you've already wrote, that'll be alright and fine because we're all just minds looking here to encourage each other to explore our talents far beyond the limits we've made for ourselves)


It is whatever you put into it, how far do you want to be inside yourself?


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