Strong Emotions   April 16, 2009 - May 4, 2009

Contest Completed


First place! Yay! - I Got Cancer because of Michelle Stark
Second Place! Whoo-hoo! - The Temptress
Third Place! Feeln' Fine! - Story of an Abused Female
Best Reveiews! - Demented
Made me cry - Sweet Caroline
Made me Laugh - [writing deleted]
Made me Scream - Strong Enough to Go Alone
Made me love - [writing deleted]
Made me hate - My Suffering.
The Almost there, But not, Award - [writing deleted]
The Extra Something Award - Still Eyes


What pulls at your heart strings? what makes you cry? Laugh? What makes you so angry you can't stand it? I want to know your strongest emotion. What feeling rules you?


Satisfaction in knowing you're emotion kicks other peoples' emotions' ass


La La Land, Just south of the rainbow clouds


13 Contestants
13 Submissions
Created Apr 18, 2009

The first mistake
A band of soldiers finds diplomacy in the dreg forest comes with consequences.
Andrew Nelson Stewart
Andrew Nelson Stewart
In poetry and to find answers of who we are while walking the ephemeral road upon cracks of pain signs leading you.
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