Strongest of Emotions  June 4, 2012 - June 11, 2012

Contest Completed


"King/Queen of Strong Emotions" - Glass Wedding
Deeply Moved1(second place) - SKuLLs and BoNeS
Deeply Moved2(second place) - [writing deleted]
Deeply Moved3(second place) - Edge of Destiny
wow1(Third place) - Still Bravely Singing, Fly
wow2(Third place) - That's what i really am
wow3(Third place) - Hazel eyes, breathless thighs


This contest is to show the strongest of our emotions: fear, anger/fury, love, pain, loss, anything like this. Show me some strong emotions! I want to feel the emotions, I want to experience what you/your character was feeling!
Now to explain the Places: Several of the poems I have received so far are too close for me to choose just one second and third place, so I am going to do three second place trophies and three third place trophies! The competition is really tight right now and the finalist are just that good!


Knowing you moved me the most!



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