Such things as ^^VAMPiRES^^  June 18, 2013 - July 4, 2013

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CounT DraCuLa Award - Lestat's Lyric
Bram StoKeR Award - Count William
TransyVania Award - [writing deleted]
Gothic Literature Award - The Need to Feed
MorBid MeloDrama Award - The Vampire's Feast
Literary VampirisM Award - Even in Death
NightFlyer AwarD - Midnight's Children
Shadow Wings Award - Broken Mirror
Psycho Vamp Award - [writing deleted]
Bloody Vampyer Award - Vampire In Santiago


Well, Are There? such things as Vampires?? Do they really exist? Yes!! of course there are and Yes!! they do exist !! at least in books and movies they do and I am sure they are alive and doing quite well right here on WC. lol~ so send me your poems ,Rhyme or prose,and short stories on
VAMPIRES only ~ I don't care if they're vampires from the west coast,east coast or new york city, they can be ugly, wicked, mean or pretty~stupid,smart,goofy or witty etc...just make sure it's about VAMPIRES~ you may send up to 2 pieces~ no long stories, chapters or bks please........ poetry and short stories only ~ and have fun with it~


a case of BLOOD LITE...^-^ j/k


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Fran Marie
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