Summer Love Story  July 30, 2009 - October 2, 2009

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Summer Love of 09 - Summer Rain
Nice Fling 09 - [writing deleted]
Sandy Love 09 - Forever Ours
Campy, but nice 09 - One Life
Just Another Summer Love Song 09 - Live Forever
Lake Side Lover 09 - Sparks Will Fly!
Hot Summer Nights 09 - [writing deleted]
Warm Love 09 - [writing deleted]
Seasons in the Sun 09 - [writing deleted]
Once More for the Road 09 - As Lovers Go
See You Next Summer! - Summer\'s Slumber
Nice, but not enough Love - Fire and Ice Cream
Maybe not so much love? - Not Even Death\'s Foul Taint...
Sure, I - True Love
It has to be Fall by now! - [writing deleted]
Fall, It - Bare Feet and Hearts
Cold Summer - Sentiments of Love at Sunrise -MATURE
Winter Solstice - [writing deleted]
First Freeze - Don\\\'t Cry Uncle
Frosty Morning - Don\'t Look at a Sunset


Real or fiction, Fact or Fantasy. It's up to you. Write about a summer love.


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George Love
George Love
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