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Reading and Deliberating


Hey everybody!! My favorite genre of all time is supernatural and I would love to read anything like it. Vampires, witches, faeries, angels, anything of that nature will do. Wish ya all luck! And if you have time to spare, check out my book(s). Keep on writin'!! :) :)


$0000000000, The satisfaction of winning and an awesome ribbon for your profile :)


Ohmigod! I can't believe I got FIRST PLACE!!!! Ohmigod! I can't believe I got FIRST PLACE!!!!
Awesome!! Second Place!!! Awesome!! Second Place!!!
Wowzers! Third Place! Wowzers! Third Place!
Fourth Place! *pat on the back* Fourth Place! *pat on the back*
Great write! Fifth Place! Great write! Fifth Place!
Yea! Sixth Place! Yea! Sixth Place!



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