Sweet Screams  July 30, 2008 - August 30, 2008

Contest Completed


First Place-Will never sleep again.... - Rotten Meat In Our Tomb
Second Place-Can't sleep without prayers - Wraith
Third Place-Sleep with the lights on...always - I'm So Sorry


Fear takes on many forms. Ghosts, zombies, dark houses and eerie whispers in bed. I want to be afraid of the dark with your poems. However, I don't want to be scared silly by gore, demons, zombies, etc. Scare me with something that may or may not be watching me as I type this, breathing down my neck and carressing my hair.

You can use blood and death in your work. However, just be sure you do it sparingly and not use phrases like 'the creature tore out her heart and licked the blood from its lips' or 'the girl ran through the cemetery only to be eaten alive by vampires.'

These references are allowed to be used, but the challenge is to scare me, not gross me out. Use your imaginations and seductive styles. Make me look over my shoulder or look twice in the reflection in the mirror. Pictures are welcome but not necessary for winning. Have fun and sweet screams.

I'm extending the contest a few more weeks.

Winners will be announced on September 5th 2008.


Ribbons for all to See!!!


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