THE OTHER HERALD's Contest - "WIND" Theme  October 26, 2008 - December 31, 2008

Contest Completed


First Place (includes publication in TOH) - KANSAS WINDS
Second Place (includes publication in TOH) - Wind Borne
Third Place (includes publication in TOH) - Autumn Winds
Honorable Mention (possible publication in TOH) - Wind
Honorable Mention (possible publication in TOH) - Winds of November
Honorable Mention (possible publication in TOH) - HE NAMED ME WIND (A Miltonic Sonnet)


Who are we?
The Other Herald is published monthly. We "herald" good writing and art, and offer articles, writing exercises/prompts, etc. of interest to writers.

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This is TOH's fourth contest on Writers' Cafe. There are others currently running for coming themed issues. The Summer Writing Contest last year was a hit. Thanks for all the great participation!

THIS CONTEST IS OPEN TO YOUR poems (20 lines or less, shorter poems preferred), flash fiction, very short fiction (stories of a half page typed or less), short articles (several paragraphs), prose (same length stipulation), etc.

PLEASE keep the work clean because this publication is read by all ages, however, primarily our readers are adults. Nothing against your adult content but, for this contest, please remove explicit references or do not submit such pieces. Indirect references are sometimes allowed. We will contact you if we need to edit in any manner before publication. Thank you in advance for your help with this. We want to spend our (very limited, working on TOH is not our full time jobs) free time reading appropriate submissions, rather than ones that will not be appropriate for all readers. We trust this explains our needs, but contact us if you have questions, please: or as a convo to TFRice on Writers' Cafe.

Writers whose work appears in TOH will receive five free copies of the issue their work appears in. Subscribing is in no way required, however, we encourage it; we are a steal at 50 cents per issue cover price! A little gem to brighten up your day! Small enough to be read on a lunch break or while waiting in line, so it will never sit in a pile of unread magazines...(hey, I have one of those piles at MY house.) Treat yourself!!

Best of all, let's keep this contest's submissions ON TOPIC and length in check. Being a small publication, we absolutely love short poems and fiction. Enter the contest with your best poems/fiction/etc. on the theme of "WIND"!

Note about theme:
The "WIND" theme is to be loosely interpreted, however, we mean "wind" as in the air that blows outside and not "wind" as in the verb to make something turn. In that respect, "wind" may mean... the air that blows always, a storm, a child "breaking wind" (ha!) if those words are used in the piece, jet streams, a change in life (if the word "wind" is used therein), etc. Let's use our imagination and make the issue thought-provoking and fun. Looking forward to reading!!


Publication of your poem in March 2009 issue of THE OTHER HERALD, and five free copies of the issue your work appears in.


T. F. Rice
T. F. Rice
Wyoming County, NY


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