TRUE LOVE!  November 13, 2013 - November 20, 2013

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ROMEO AND JULIET (First) - `Words of Love`
EDWARD AND BELLA (Second) - Deep Burgundy
TRUE LOVE (Third) - Together
Very romantic (runner up) - Boundless Love
Touched my heart (runner up) - I want to be the one who...
great meaning to it :) (runner up - Girls
Very romantic :) (runner up) - Us
Touched my heart :) ( runner up) - Don't ask me why
touched my heart :) (runner up) - [writing deleted]


Write me a nice little poem about your true love, your man/woman,the one you love and cant live without.
Make me smile and express just how much you love this person and what they mean to you.

I love when poems rhyme i just find them more poetic, just a tip that may help you get an award :)


every winner gets a review on there peace :)


cimmy wuv xxxooo
cimmy wuv xxxooo
melbourne, Australia


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