Talent Drips Erotic E-Zine contest  May 28, 2007 - June 30, 2007

Contest Completed


Winner of Talent Drips Erotic E-Zine contest! - [writing deleted]
2nd place winner of Talent Drips Erotic E-Zine contest! - [writing deleted]
Honorable mention winner of Talent Drips Erotic E-Zine contest! - [writing deleted]


Talent Drips is looking for erotic poems, stories, and non-fiction that makes you want to look around and see whose watching before you keep reading! Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual works are particularly considered - but not the only. Would like to see some Sci-Fi, Fantasy works explored. Non-fictional stories are also considered. No explicit sexual scenes with no plot whatsoever, stories of unwanted sexual intercourse, child molestation, bestality, or prostitution accepted - why are you trying to scare everyone?!?

See http://ashygirlforgirls.tripod.com/talentdripseroticpublishings for other submission guidelines.


$Authors whose works are chosen will be given a bio w/picture on the website under their work. Poets will be paid $10 for each poem accepted and short story/non-fiction writers will be paid $15 for each piece accepted., Work featured on E-Zine; entries will be forever archived on the site.


Cleveland, OH


Created May 27, 2007

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